Rama Lama

I used this song for one of my dances. The students did a Great job of it in the show. Not the same as this one but its still fun!


Promising Young Dancers

I love my students! They recently just finished the semester with a main stage show and I could not be more proud of them. Every time I think of it I cant stop smiling. Another quote from student work

In dance, I have learned to be alert, focused and willing to try anything in order to be successful. This will help me greatly in my life. For example, in a job interview you have to be very focused and alert in order to comprehend and respond to make a good impression. 

-Grade 11 student


“I have learned to respect the different views, styles, preferences of different choreographers.  Every choreographer/teacher has their own style, and since dance is an art form, it is unnecessary to show respect for their artistic expression. This has helped me to be more versatile and accepting.” 

– Grade 11 Student

I have such wonderful, thoughtful, respectful students!! 




Life-long Dance


1. What skills (think life long) have I learned in the dance program; how can I use these in the Future?

“Oddly enough I was actually thinking about this just the other day. Well I have learned technical skills, performance skills, working towards deadlines, challenging yourself, pushing your limits, the most valuable thing that I have learned in the dance program is working in groups. Group work is forces you out of your comfort zone and really teaches you how to be productive with other human beings. I believe it really teaches you how to accept others’ differences in personality, work ethic, and thought. Although still being able to produce a good piece of work. It has taught me to appreciate others ideas.”


I think group work is in a lot of aspects of real life, I will definitely need these skills in the future. From university, to jobs, to even family related events, to everything in the real world. ” 

-Grade 12 Student


Yay! I feel like this is exactly what I want my students to learn. Even if they do not become professional dancers they will still be able to take something positive with them when they are done this class. 

No Air Hip Hop

One of the things I like to stress in my dance class is that the skills we learn are not only for dance. We try to see what other skill sets are taught and can take us farther in life. This video I just love is a hip hop number. One of the things we play with in class is telling stories through dance and I think this Video does a wonderful job!

What can I get out of Dance?

After every unit my students fill out a self evaluation and it is one of my favorite assignments to mark it allows me to see what my students expect to get out of the class and how they expect to move forward in Dance or Drama. 

One of the Questions I ask is ‘Are there areas in dance you have improved?‘ One of the answers my student gave made me so happy and is one of the reasons that I love what I do. 

I have improved my confidence level, that’s the biggest one for me. I usually keep to myself and I have never been on any teams or anything. I have always been the quieter less social person. With my improved confidence I am able to improve my dancing and go full out to the best of my ability.  -Grade 10 Student


This student is a new dancer and although reserved at the beginning of class has come leaps and bounds. She even took on a leadership role with the younger students during our dance showcase! It has been wonderful to see and I agree fully with her that she has become a more confident person not only in dance but also in life. 





In my quest to be convincing that Drama and Dance are wonderful classes I have made a list of skills brainstormed with students that are taught or learned. 

Dance: Teamwork, Appreciation for fitness, Strength, Confidence, Counting Music, Motor skills  Sense of community, Belonging, shares your inner voice, Creative problem solving, Pride in your work, Ability to take risks in a safe environment, Responsibility, Uses Imagination, Physical improvisation skills. Teachers build strong relationships with students because of the highly individualized learning and personalized lessons. 

Drama: Teamwork, Self confidence, Find your voice, Acceptance, Presentation skills, Speech, Socialization, Community, Creative problem solving, Pride in work, Work through situations without having to experience them, Responsibility, Language skills, Exploration of emotions in a safe place, Finding who you are.

These are all attainable skills and I must say the past term with my students it has been amazing to see their growth and development as young people as they develop these skills. 

Hello world!

This is my Blog, or at least the beginning of it. It is intended as a project for an education class and I am hoping will challenge my technological skills as they are not so great. I want this blog to shine light on why Drama and Dance are important subjects in school! So we will see how it turns out in the end. 🙂

Lets start with my inspiration for this topic:

(From my first week of teaching )I had a student today that has chosen to drop my dance class because her parents wanted her in a more academic class (So she says). She already is taking a full course load. All I could think of was that dance (and drama) is an academic class that teaches so many useful skills that can be used in many aspects of class. I just wish that her parents would see it that way. However, another issue is that our school is also over capacity and because of that students have had to drop options because there is no room to shuffle them around their core subjects.

So why do Drama and Dance take a back seat to other subjects? I am not by any means saying that core subjects (Math, Science, Social, and Language Arts) are not important, because they are! However classes that teach live skills are important too. I know not everyone can take a Drama and Dance class but they should be included in the into other subjects.  Being involved in a show will not make you better at math, however the opportunity will improve confidence and presentation skills. The skills that My students and I have learned throughout the term this year are skills that can be carried over in our lives and that is what makes these classes important to me.