In my quest to be convincing that Drama and Dance are wonderful classes I have made a list of skills brainstormed with students that are taught or learned. 

Dance: Teamwork, Appreciation for fitness, Strength, Confidence, Counting Music, Motor skills  Sense of community, Belonging, shares your inner voice, Creative problem solving, Pride in your work, Ability to take risks in a safe environment, Responsibility, Uses Imagination, Physical improvisation skills. Teachers build strong relationships with students because of the highly individualized learning and personalized lessons. 

Drama: Teamwork, Self confidence, Find your voice, Acceptance, Presentation skills, Speech, Socialization, Community, Creative problem solving, Pride in work, Work through situations without having to experience them, Responsibility, Language skills, Exploration of emotions in a safe place, Finding who you are.

These are all attainable skills and I must say the past term with my students it has been amazing to see their growth and development as young people as they develop these skills. 


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