Promising Young Dancers

I love my students! They recently just finished the semester with a main stage show and I could not be more proud of them. Every time I think of it I cant stop smiling. Another quote from student work

In dance, I have learned to be alert, focused and willing to try anything in order to be successful. This will help me greatly in my life. For example, in a job interview you have to be very focused and alert in order to comprehend and respond to make a good impression. 

-Grade 11 student


“I have learned to respect the different views, styles, preferences of different choreographers.  Every choreographer/teacher has their own style, and since dance is an art form, it is unnecessary to show respect for their artistic expression. This has helped me to be more versatile and accepting.” 

– Grade 11 Student

I have such wonderful, thoughtful, respectful students!! 





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