Life-long Dance


1. What skills (think life long) have I learned in the dance program; how can I use these in the Future?

“Oddly enough I was actually thinking about this just the other day. Well I have learned technical skills, performance skills, working towards deadlines, challenging yourself, pushing your limits, the most valuable thing that I have learned in the dance program is working in groups. Group work is forces you out of your comfort zone and really teaches you how to be productive with other human beings. I believe it really teaches you how to accept others’ differences in personality, work ethic, and thought. Although still being able to produce a good piece of work. It has taught me to appreciate others ideas.”


I think group work is in a lot of aspects of real life, I will definitely need these skills in the future. From university, to jobs, to even family related events, to everything in the real world. ” 

-Grade 12 Student


Yay! I feel like this is exactly what I want my students to learn. Even if they do not become professional dancers they will still be able to take something positive with them when they are done this class. 


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